CTS has cultivated an environment that sparks inspiration, stokes innovation, and makes our passion for making games burn brighter and hotter with every new hire.

 CTS headquarters in downtown Reno, NV.

CTS headquarters in downtown Reno, NV.


Flat, fluid, and free - our game development studio is a microcosm for where the gaming industry is headed. We know we have to work together and without individual ego to ensure that the best possible experience is offered to the player. Each time a game is released, we can rest easy knowing that each component was scrutinized by each discipline making it the best possible embodiment of the original concept. CTS is collaborative design at its highest level.

It’s not enough to put together the components of a game - the math, the art, the sound, the code - you have to develop each component together and with care.
— Will Burrows / Vice President, Design


We are constantly taking in resumes and portfolios from talented, motivated individuals looking to join our team. If interested, please reach out to us here - CTS never stops evolving and you could be part of the next step in our evolution.