Our lead team is dedicated to excellence - without forgetting that we get to make games every day.


founder, President

There are few individuals that know more about what it takes to make a great gaming product than Mr. Hoffman. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where he studied mathematics and music, Mr. Hoffman has always possessed an insatiable thirst for knowledge and thusly has amassed an unparalleled skill set. These skills have allowed him to become intimately familiar with every aspect of multimedia design. 

In 2011, after a successful three-year stint with International Game Technology (Whale Song, Dakota Thunder, Amazing Race, Star Wars: Droid Hunt, 3x-777-2x), Mr. Hoffman saw an opportunity to create a game development studio outside the corporate structure that would allow for higher levels of innovation and design. Bringing on creative professionals from outside the gaming industry, such as motion graphics expert Jason Newmark and architect turned graphic designer and illustrator Will Burrows, added a fresh perspective on what could be done to elevate gaming products. This core team became Crazy Tooth Studio.

Now, five years later, CTS has grown into a game development powerhouse with carefully selected professionals adding invaluable expertise across the board. 

With Mr. Hoffman at the helm, CTS's future is bright.


Vice PresidenT - Production

While Jason Newmark heads production at Crazy Tooth Studio, his infectious curiosity for new methods and technology saturates every corner of product development. In 1994, Mr. Newmark took his first job in media working in television creative services - this sparked an impressive career path that reflects a passion for creative media. After training at AVID Technology in Tewksbury, MA from 1996-97, Mr. Newmark founded Singingwood Creative Media and began work on feature films and national television ad campaigns as an assistant director, production coordinator, and editor. In 2006, he produced a feature film starring John Ratzenberger (Cheers, Toy Story): The Village Barbershop

Mr. Newmark’s entrepreneurial experience, motion graphic expertise of a rare scale, and interest in media innovation made him the perfect creative professional to help start Crazy Tooth Studio in 2011. The fact that he was taking drum lessons from Ben Hoffman at the time goes down as CTS’ very first lucky break.

As Vice President - Production Mr. Newmark is the billows to Crazy Tooth Studio’s flame. Every aspect of the game development process is elevated by his unwillingness to settle for the ordinary - and the gaming experiences offered by CTS are better for it.



The son of advertising entrepreneurs, Will Burrows was exposed to creativity as a profession early on - learning video, sound, and graphic design software before reaching high school. Excelling in both math and art, Mr. Burrows initially chose architecture as a career path, which he pursued fervently, co-founding the design firm plaNGk Limited mere months after earning his Masters in Architecture.

In 2011, Mr. Burrows re-focused his career to his first passions: graphic design and illustration. Working on countless design-oriented projects ranging from interior design to corporate branding to large-scale print and online media campaigns, Mr. Burrows successfully shaped a career around his talent, experience, and interest in multimedia design.

With over twenty years of digital media experience as well as a life-long passion for art and design, Mr. Burrows is a maelstrom of creative energy. His unique ability to visualize a project not only at every level of detail but from the perspective of multiple disciplines makes him an invaluable resource as Crazy Tooth Studio’s Vice President - Design. 

Not unlike the other members of Crazy Tooth Studio’s leadership team, Mr. Burrows is both a guiding force and a talented, creative game developer. CTS’ ability to offer immersive gaming experiences is in large part due to Mr. Burrow’s ability to find every way for a design concept to be represented - down to every last pixel.