Crazy Tooth Studio® Headquarters Has Moved!

The Atomik City Building is located at 400 Mill Street in downtown Reno, Nevada.

The Crazy Tooth Studio® Team is proud to announce that the CTS Mark IV Headquarters is now fully operational! Still located in the heart of The Biggest Little City In The World, our new studio fits our needs and philosophy perfectly. More than ever, we are sure to be focused on finding better ways to produce the best gaming content!

Our new Atomik City location is the epitome of the open-studio concept, something we've come to value greatly over the years. It has the charm of old Reno with the modern finish of what's coming next for our great city - a perfect analogy for our team as we strive to push the quality of the gaming experience into the future.

We look forward to making great games in our new home at Atomik City!